As I was doing my daily browsing on my favorite fashion sites, I came across a picture of Rihanna in an outfit she wore while in Paris for Fashion Week. It was the simplicity of the outfit and where she was that made it so special. Her outfit was simple with just a T-shirt and boyfriend jeans, but what got my attention was what the article said about this outfit. They said that only Rihanna could pull off such a simple outfit. Even though she was in Paris, I wanted to show how a Fashionista/o can also pull off a simple look just as well. Usually a T-shirt and some jeans is just “blah,” but it doesn’t always have to be. In fact, you can have the coolest, laid back outfit on campus with just a sweater, jeans and some boots without stressing over the more intricate trends.

So the question of the day is—how do you take a boring T-shirt and jeans and make it look chic? Since it’s still cold outside, I would venture that people still want to wear a sweater rather than just a T-shirt and a jacket while outside. When choosing the sweater, or even T-shirt of your choice, make sure there is something about it that makes it stand out. Whether it’s two-tone or has a difference in texture or a cool pattern, they all make the top stand out. Also, figure out if you want an oversized look or just a regular fit. With jeans, it’s all about the fit. Don’t pick a pair that is too tight or too baggy because it’s not going to do anything to the overall appearance of the look. Shoes are where you can go outside the box and really have fun with it. Pick a pair that you normally wouldn’t put together with a simple outfit.

This Fashionisto’s outfit is just right with the speckled blue and black sweater and straight jeans. This would be a perfect example of what was explained above. The most important thing to take away from this is that if celebrities can make a simple outfit be the next trend, so can us Fashionistas/os.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be comfortable with what you wear. It’s just fashion sense.”