We’ve all seen and heard it before, the ’90s are most definitely back and grunge punk style is practically everywhere these days. It’s hard to walk down the street and not see someone wearing some variant that is reminiscent of those ’90s days. Platforms? Totally in. High-top sneakers? You bet those are in too. Flannels? Oh, you guessed it those to are back in full force as well. To stand out in a sea of flannel can sometimes be difficult, but this Fashionista caught my eye with her own flare on the trend.

The key that holds all of the magical ’90s fashion together here is in the mixing of patterns. The black and white stripes contrast with the red plaid creating a nice graphic moment. Though, it is simple the look is totally laid back but still has personality to it. I attribute that to the awesome half top knot this Fashionista is rocking in conjunction with the other pieces. Like her flannel she tied around her waist, for example. I myself am quite a fan of doing this, not only is it practical for when the temperatures drop and you need to layer up but it also is very slimming highlighting the waist. I love doing this in place of a belt for those tricky high-waisted shorts that seem to never quite fit in the waist. She also kept her jewelry minimal, a few bracelets is all that is needed for this look. This Fashionista shows that even in a simple outfit ones personality can as Rihanna said, “shine bright like a diamond.”

Looking to be the star of the show but still want to work with this trend? Don’t you fear, for it can be done—just don’t be afraid to mix and match. A great way of doing this is taking your favorite trusty T-shirt dress and adding a flannel to give it some shape. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you go that extra sassy mile and take a bright floral dress and add your flannel on that. It’s a little trickier but it gives you all the ’90s angst but with a modern flair. Mixing and playing with trends and your favorite pieces helps make your outfit more dimensional and have all of the razzmatazz.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When recreating the ’90s look it’s important to add some more modern elements to keep it fresh and unique to your own personal style.”