A lot of people want to reinvent themselves this year, but not everyone knows how. Before you ransack the closet, remember these words…funk it up! Bruno Mars has reintroduced music with funk to our radio stations, so let’s return the favor and give our wardrobes the uptown funk they deserve. It’s 2015 guys, time to shake things up a little.

It may be winter, but just because the animals are hiding don’t let your style hibernate as well. Of course, it’s cold, but you got to keep things hot. This Fashionista sends a great message to all the students from southern universities back in the cold for winter break. Don’t overlook skirts and shorts because of the temperature. Instead, take a closer look at the things in your closet and find a way to make it work. Combine warm and cold, mix long sleeve with mini and socks with sandals. You’ll be surprised when you wind up with a look that screams, “I’ve got the funk.”

One of my favorite parts of the outfit is the shoes. I love the fact this Fashionista was bold enough to rock sandals on a freezing day; however, she surprised me by throwing on a cute ruffle sock. It was an interesting choice that not only kept her toes warm, but also looked great. Wearing a skirt on a day like this was also bold. However, skater skirts and oversized sweaters have been major this season and us Fashionistas shouldn’t let the cold weather keep us from the hottest trends. We can also keep warm by updating any outfit with some hot accessories. Let’s start with this hat. I mean, come on, the color, the style, I’m in love and since a ski cap isn’t always the most flattering look, it’s nice to have a more stylish hat ready to go.

This Fashionista is big on expressing herself and that’s apparent with her selection of jewelry. Each piece, whether necklace, bracelet or ring, is significant to her. These are pieces she wears everyday regardless of her outfit. Therefore, whether it’s an uptown funk kind-of-day or a sweatpants day, she can feel good knowing she’s showing a piece of herself to the world. Stay funky.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “As my favorite Fashionista Iris Apfel says, ‘to have style, you have to know who you are, what you’re comfortable with and what makes you happy.’ Personally, I think that fashion is about finding things you love and putting them together. There’s a part of you in fashion. It’s a way to express who you are and the designs you wear and the things you love to wear are all a reflection of who you truly are. You don’t have to be good at fashion, you just have to be yourself. Whether you consider yourself a Fashionista or not, you should never be afraid to express the amazing person you are.”