After what feels like a long winter, we have traded snow for rain and taken full advantage of the weather—even the spring showers that will eventually bring May flowers (we hope). Rain or shine, this Fashionista showed off her style despite the fact that she could only wear one shoe!

After foot surgery, this Fashionista was forced to wear a boot on one foot, but she didn’t let that stop her from expressing herself through this fashionable outfit! This Fashionista rocked her look, with an adorable ruffled sweater paired with black jeans and booties.

I love how this Fashionista adds uniqueness to the outfit with a top that is from a small boutique rather than a well- known store. She pairs this light sweater with a monochromatic bottom half of the outfit to really make it pop. With the jeans and booties both being black, the eye is really drawn to the speckled sweater with white and black layered ruffles.

With this being a pretty neutral outfit, I admire the fact that this Fashionista adds a turquoise bracelet to add a subtle pop of color to the outfit. When it comes to adding color, my personal favorite is to go with jewelry or nail polish as the accent color.

Even though this Fashionista is forced to wear this boot every day for the next few weeks, I love how she doesn’t feel bound to sweats and T-shirts. Instead, she ties it into her outfit and makes it barely noticeable. What a true Fashionista!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t hold back on being yourself. Don’t look for the approval of others. Be yourself. Be happy. Be original.”