STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Underneath Your Coat

Winter break is coming to an end, and Fashionistas all over the country are getting ready for spring semester. Although “spring” semester infers cool weather, sun and colorful flowers, here in DC winter is taking over the beginning of the semester. Winter represents a challenge when it comes to styling your outfit as you sometimes put warmth ahead of style and fashion. Style comes first, but never sacrifice your warmth because being comfortable in your outfit is reflected and adds charming confidence to your look. Nothing is more warm and comfortable than a classic heavy warm coat.

Your coat choice must reflect elegance and style as after all, it’s the intro to the outfit. A perfectly chosen coat is eye-catching and will make others anticipate seeing your outfit. A neutral colored coat is a must-have for winter. Neutral colors are black, white, beige, ivory and gray. These are the colors that will match your outfit no matter what color it is. I suggest that you keep it as simple and classic as possible in order to match different styles of your outfits.

Fitting room tip: Sometimes you buy a coat that fits perfectly with a light T-shirt underneath, and when you wear it afterwards over a sweater, it is tight and limits your hand and body movement. So, when you are trying on different coats, make sure to try them with different layers, and make sure that it fits and that you feel comfortable if you layer underneath!

Our Fashionista is kicking off this semester with a casual outfit. She chose a white sweater with three black moustaches on its front along with matching black skinny jeans. You can see that winter is reflected in her outfit through the white and black. The white is the snow, and the black is the leafless tree trunks. Well, it’s always tasteful to be in harmony with nature!

Ankle boots are very practical yet stylish at school. If you are in a state that usually witnesses snow, choose boots with ice-grips underneath to avoid slipping. Our Fashionista added a fierce vibe to her outfit through a tiger-print backpack. A touch of animal print—whether through clothes, accessories or bags—always adds elegance and style to your look. The Fashionista wore a casual neutral colored knit beanie, perfect to keep her warm for everyday classes at school. She wraps up her outfit with a warm classic black coat that is medium in length.

I wish our AU Fashionista of the week a prosperous semester. Keep up the style! Your outfit is a promising start for your fashion choices this semester.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keep it warm, comfy and stylish. Spend some time in front of your closet to put together the perfect outfit for the day that will make you feel unique, comfortable and fashionable.”