Although it is not as cold in London as it is in New York City right now, the crazy weather patterns of strong wind and rain can sometimes make being outside and walking around a little unbearable. What makes the trek through the cold to class or to the tube a little more bearable is a warm faux fur vest. Faux fur vests have become a staple in the wardrobes of many Fashionistas for the winter as they are not only warm, but add some serious stylish flair to any outfit.

Following the trend of faux fur vests, this week’s Fashionista kept it simple with plain black fur. However, this trend has transformed far beyond basics. Now all over stores faux fur vests come in an array of colors and patterns. Faux fur jackets have also turned up on the scene, as the addition of sleeves takes the faux fur vest trend to the next level of both style and warmth.

When wearing a trend that makes a statement like a faux fur vest, it is important to make it the focal point of your outfit. By keeping with neutrals and dark colors, this Fashionista allowed for the faux fur vest to be the central focus of her ensemble. Paired with over-the-knee boots and a black structured purse, her accessories add to her outfit but do not take away the attention from her faux fur vest statement piece. Because of its practicality and ability to mix and match into almost any neutral-colored outfit, the fur vest trend has been able to outlast many winter fashion trends throughout the years.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When you are traveling and have limited space in your suitcase, pack neutrals and pieces that can be incorporated into multiple outfits to maximize your outfit options.”