So the STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK is going to be about taking one rocking piece and styling it so you and so fab. Sharing clothes is one of the most painful things to do. However, its only painful when you’re the one giving up your favorite cashmere sweater, its not so painful when you’re wearing your sister’s skater skirt and owning it (figuratively, of course). As far as sharing goes, I do it all the time with my sister, my mom, my roommates and friends, so I understand the struggles. One of the biggest worries is always going to be re-wearing something. You don’t want to wear the exact same outfit your roommate just wore to the party, or the same thing your sister wore to the basketball game. Outfit repeaters are cool…but let us make our outfits our own! How do we do that? Flavorful and fun styling!

The statement piece in this article is the dress. It is a heavy orange chiffon fabric fully embroidered with different colored beaded and sequins from gold to blue. A dress like this is usually worn for special occasion but as I said it is all about how you style it! The just-above-the-knee length of the dress makes it very versatile for every occasion, which is what I focused on for this article. This look is casually styled. The Fashionista loves wearing sneakers with dresses or skirts and she totally rocks it. Yellow sneakers paired with a denim button-down tied around the waist really makes the look not only casual but super easy, because who doesn’t own a button-down and a solid pair of sneakers? A perfect final touch is the backpack, crazy casual but equally cute! You can totally dress down something that usually is worn super dressy, or keep it super dressy. It all depends on your personal style even if your sibling or whoever, has worn the same piece already! Show off your personal style and have fun being unique!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dress for yourself not for anybody else”.