There is no denying that turtlenecks are currently trending in the fashion industry. It’s a style that seems to be constantly plagued by the soccer mom stigma and everything a true Fashionista lives to defy. Despite all odds, turtlenecks are everywhere this time of year. Have you gotten on board with this trend yet?

Turtlenecks traditionally convey a conservative disposition, but what makes them so interesting now is the way they are being styled to juxtapose the conservative pastime with a modern edge. The turtleneck has been diversified into a plethora of styles including the traditional prep, darker gothic, modern grunge and much more. If you’re still not convinced that the turtleneck can be adapted into your wardrobe, check out this Fashionista’s amazing look.

Turtlenecks are typically worn in the winter but they are proving to be the perfect transition piece to spring in the Pacific Northwest. As we are moving out of the fridged winter months, it is perfect to use this classic statement piece and add a bit of color to correlate with the changing season. This Fashionista pairs a fuzzy gray turtleneck sweater with black leggings and black booties. It’s perfect combination of dressed up and played back; it is comfortable and classic. The Marc Jacobs tote adds fun color and a spring accent to the look.

The versatility this Fashionista gave to this look proves exactly why the turtleneck trend has become so popular. Allowing her to express herself, while maintaining a classy and casual look appropriate for almost any occasion this time of year, the turtleneck is on-trend for a reason.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The way you dress for the day determines how you will feel that day and how successful your day will be. Dress to impress but dress for yourself. Be comfortable in everything you wear.”