STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Turning Nothing Into Something

In preparation for my move to college, I have been spending a lot of time on the east coast this season. My experience here has been full of amazing seafood, adorable little towns and above all, a new perspective of street style. Living in big cities like Chicago and Miami and following fashion blogs from abroad gives off the illusion that in order to be considered “trendy”, you must be decked out in designer apparel paired with eccentric accessories. As a Style Guru, it has become habit for me to constantly be on the lookout for Fashionistas in chic looks. I have come to realize that not all outfits worthy of my attention need to be straight off the runway. Rather, the smallest details and most practical trends are what our generation of Fashionista’s are really looking for.

This Fashionista’s personal style is a perfect example of a east coast street style perspective. She carries no designer bag and no gaudy jewelry. Instead, she carries herself with poise and ease rocking the ever so trendy T-shirt dress and metallic Jack Rogers sandals. The t-shirt dress is undeniably the perfect summer staple. Designer brands Brandy Melville, AllSaints and Vince have led the T-shirt trend right into mainstream style, which is where the line becomes blurred. Just because the T-shirt dress is simple and comfortable doesn’t mean it has to be a boring look. T-shirt dresses are the perfect opportunity to flaunt your own personal style. They are a blank canvas awaiting decades of trends. Pair your T-shirt dress with your favorite pair of sporty-chic kicks, vintage bag or layered necklaces and temporary tattoo bracelets.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love turning nothing into something by pairing simple apparel with unexpected pops of glam. These gold metallic sandals really dressed up my look and added a touch of femininity and class.”