Hi Fashionistas/os! With summer in full swing and the heat and humidity among us, it’s important to not only dress to impress, but to dress to keep cool. An oversized tunic is a classic yet sophisticated touch to any outfit. Rather timeless, they give an outfit an overall very polished feel.

This Fashionista paired her white oversized tunic with a simple pair of navy shorts. The eyelet details of this linen tunic made it stand out to me as a statement piece. In addition, the boxy fit of it adds to the overall classic, structured look. These tops are so easy to throw on and pair with shorts or skinny jeans. It can easily make a look polished and proper, while still being on trend with the boxy and oversized fit. This linen tunic is perfect for hot summer days because it’s so lightweight and breezy. It will keep you cool while making you look put together.

The navy blue booties are the perfect addition to this outfit and are a perfect transition piece going into the evening. This outfit could even be worn into the fall time during warm weather evenings, as the booties scream fall. A cute leather cross-body bag and trendy sunglasses tie the outfit together perfectly.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Taking classic pieces from your wardrobe and mixing them together with trendier, unique pieces can create a very interesting dynamic. My favorite thing is to buy classic pieces that will last me a long time and mixing them with the trendier things in my wardrobe.”