It’s safe to say that this might be the hottest summer thus far and I know we’ve all been talking about it over and over, but it’s getting impossible for us girls to wear makeup. We’re literally melting like the Wicked Witch of the West as soon as we go outside, but instead of a little water, it’s a little sun. Okay, a lot of sun! Anyhow, here are a few good reasons why tube tops are ideal.

Tube tops are light, breezy and oh-so-easy! That sounds corny, but it’s true; you cannot go wrong with a solid-colored top like this in the summer. It’s feminine, versatile and easy to pair things with; you could easily wear it on a date or to class on a day when the heat is unfathomable. Not only that, but it’s fashionable and flirty so you can wear it knowing it’ll give you that extra boost of confidence.

Probably as much as any Fashionista, I’ve had my bad experience with these tops, but if you keep the outfit tasteful and the neckline from sliding too low, you’ll be killing it! Like I’ve said, simplicity is key and, when in doubt, consider the art of less is more.

I loved how this Fashionista stuck to the fundamentals and wore her plain, black tube top with her essential pair of jeans that hugged her curves perfectly. In my experience, the only right way to wear a tube top is with something high-waisted (it might just save your life). We already have so much of our chest exposed that flashing midriff would just bring down the quality of the outfit.

Now, the great thing about tube tops are their ability to stand out, even if they’re a favorite this summer. I’ve seen a bunch of tube tops in crocheted lace, frills, fringe, florals, ruffles and various patterns. Also, try different styles, like the halter tube top. Find the one that best fits you because finding a cute statement piece for the summer has never been more affordable!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Feel confident in whatever you wear and don’t let the outfit wear you!”