The two-piece is no longer just a thing at the pool. From the runways of Paris Fashion Week to the covers of magazines, matching sets are on the rise. These skirt/top combos are the perfect modern twist on a classic feminine look and this Fashionista has got it down. She looks stunning in the this white lace variation by Bar III (available at Macy’s).

I love this look because the floral cutouts are very feminine yet subtle and the nude lining hugs the body to show off curves. The fitted bottom complements her figure while the top adds a soft and feminine flow to the outfit. If you’re looking to add a little more edge here, get the lining hemmed up a couple inches. There are several examples of how to pull of this altered look in one of my favorite books, Paris Street Style (aka my fashion Bible).

The key to a two-piece set is finding the right set for YOUR body. There are so many variations available that finding the right fit for you is only a couple clicks away. When choosing a two-piece set, I like to keep in mind something I call the “contrast concept.” In other words, if you have a loose top, you’ll want to choose a tighter, more fitted bottom so that your body doesn’t get lost in a sea of fabric. This is why this set is a good fit (literally) for a dressy summer occasion or church. On the contrary, if you go with a more fitted top, you’ll want to pick out a skirt that flares out.This way you don’t end up with that awkward ridge of skin that likes to peak out when you sit down. It happens to Kim K, and it can happen to you!

This Gianni Bini heel is a summer must-have. It ties in both the nude and white from the set while also complementing the Fashionista’s legs. Ankle straps are always a slimming option (and guys like them, too!). The aqua Tory Burch clutch can add a great pop of color to any neutral outfit, making it a great summer accessory. The strap is removable so you can wear it on the shoulder like this Fashionista or you can leave the strap at hopme and carry it solo. Pearl studs are a great jewelry choice here. This is a very classic outfit, and we all know nothing is worse than ruining a beautiful set by over-doing the jewels.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Don’t be afraid to try something new! I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone to try this two-piece and I’m loving it. A big part of defining your style is trying new trends and adding a bit of your own flare.”