Do you see anything familiar in this Fashionista’s look? I’ll give you a hint: a bandana, stripes and a bomber jacket. This trendy trio includes the hottest things worn amongst Fashionistas today. A bandana has recently been used to tie around the neck and you can find them in any Brandy Melville store. Stripes are here to stay, and bomber jackets have recently been worn to be the cherry on top of an outfit.

I am a huge fan of this trendy trio, as I use them a lot in my daily looks. What stands out to me the most in this Fashionista’s look is the combination of stripes and patterns of the bandana which are both so different but paired effectively. She could have easily used a choker, which is another trend right now, but she decided to dress up her outfit even more and it showed me that she really wanted to show her creative side.

Now, why is this trendy trio such an eye-grabber? Starting with the striped T-shirt, which is very casual and on display in most stores today, leads an outfit to take many forms. For example, if this Fashionista did not have the bandana or bomber jacket on top, this look would stick to the same tones.The bandana and jacket come to the fashion rescue to spice things up a bit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “My main point of this look is to follow the trends of today while adding my own unique touch.”