There is no denying that this winter chill needs to take a hike and spring needs to be in session pronto. Although we cannot avoid the cold, we can certainly look the part and keep ourselves cozy. Why not stay warm but look fabulous while doing so? The trench coat is skyrocketing through campuses across the globe with a variety of looks like never before.

This Fashionista was spotted on her way to class, keeping her look business chic in her black trench coat. Although her outfit remained on the monochromatic black scale, the inner lining of the trench revealed a cheetah pattern that popped. A secret pattern or color exposure within a neutralized outfit is always eye-catching. The buttons down the front have a small touch of gold to add more of a chic look to the overall coat itself. This Fashionista paired her trench coat with a go-to pair of blue jeans and everyone’s favorite brown riding boots that work with any look. Trench coats are continuing to reveal themselves this winter season and all the styles they posses.

Adding to this stylish trench coat, this Fashionista continues her black on black chic look by carrying her books in style. Using a studded, oversized faux leather tote bag separates herself from the average students on campus. Her tote bag is not only cute and useful, it also complements the trench coat and the overall sophisticated look.

The best part about these coats is you can throw them together with any type of look, whether it is on the way to class, out on a lunch date or at an interview. There are so many unique, trending styles, colors and patterns amongst these trench coats you really cannot go wrong.

What Is Your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Investing in quality garments that are timeless is a great way to create a versatile wardrobe that will last you for years. I’ve tried buying many inexpensive, trendy items that only get ruined after a few wears. I have benefited more from selecting classic items that may be more costly but ideally an everlasting purchase.”