STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Trenching Through Winter

Honestly, who didn’t dream of being Nancy Drew? Brilliant and mysterious, solving problems with the drop of a hat. Though Nancy’s style may be a little outdated for 2015, a classic trench coat is timeless (and a crucial staple for any detective).

This Fashionista was spotted looking lovely in this trench. Personally, I find it difficult to stand out in a crowd during the cold weather, relying on bright colors and loud shoes. However, this skirted coat made it easy to spot our Fashionista. She paired the jacket nicely with simple and neutral accessories, adding color with her bold lip choice. This longer coat also prevents her dress from flying up when the wind strikes up. As the winter temperatures roll in this semester, you don’t always need to sacrifice warmth for fashion; it’s all in the outerwear!

While this Fashionista’s outfit takes a rather neutral route, trench coats are not only everywhere, but available in all sorts of colors, patterns and materials this season. For example, Burberry has a trench out in maroon (and crafted from Alligator leather). More affordable coats can be found at Nordstrom and H&M as well.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Make a statement! Even though it is easier to just throw on The North Face fleece for around campus, my coats and jackets are what everybody is going to see!”