The year is 1961. Elvis is all the rage and his Blue Hawaii movie just hit theatres. Palm leaves and hibiscus flowers cover the fashion front from every angle. Oh, what it would have been like to be alive then… one can only dream I suppose.

Somewhere along the way, Hawaiian print went out. The fad became dedicated to to old men with bear bellies and mid calf socks paired with sandals. However, if there is anything we know about fashion, its that (almost) everything that goes out of style, eventually comes back in. Thankfully for us, Hawaiian print falls into that category.

This Fashionista put a classy twist to the classical tropical print by wearing a pink and blue floral romper. The colors of the romper are really bold and complement her skin tone as well as each other. Since rompers are so easy to throw on and simple they allow you to add lots of accessories, which this Fashionista did. As far as jewelry, she wore a pair of starfish stud earrings, an aqua stone necklace and a wrap beaded bracelet. All of these pieces were rather simple, but they complemented the colors of the romper and enforced the tropical theme of her outfit. Last but not least, she carried a baby pink GUESS bag. Totally adorable!

I couldn’t possibly be happier that Hawaiian print is back in. I think when dressed right, it makes for a very classy look on just about anyone… maybe even old beer-bellied men.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Not everyone can afford a weekend getaway to The Aloha State, instead, throw on some fun tropical prints and add some neutral accessories, and don’t forget to put on those Elvis tunes!”