Every generation has been through a tie-dye phase and it always seems to come back! With the fashion of the ’60s and ’70s playing a huge roll in summertime trends, it was inevitable that the classic trend make its way back into our closets this season, but with a modern twist of course!

Tie-dye is definitely rad right now and also makes a huge statement in your look! With “boho-chic” being the summertime vibe, you’re sure to stand out amongst friends. It’s festival season, and with the heatwaves at an all time high, it’s great to have on something comfortable yet trendy for the summertime jams.

When I think of this trend, the words “fun”, “youthful” and “free” all come to mind. In every era, tie-dye has been just that. It makes a huge fashion statement without saying anything and in every era this trend is at the forefront of the youth!

So how does one wear such a classic yet trendy print? Check out this Fashionista’s fun and flowy tie-dye print dress! Wearing a tie-dye printed dress like this one is a summertime go-to! You will have plenty of heads turning while having to do little to none with the rest of the outfit! This Fashionista paired her dress with a couple of accessories that are also classic and trendy, and still don’t take away from the main element of her look.

This Fashionista paired this fun dress with a classic tattoo choker, which are also all the rage right now and some fun, gold hoops! It’s also essential to have some super cute sunnies—her sunglasses give ’60s summertime feels! Lastly she wore some classic Birkenstock sandals, but with a modern metallic twist, giving her overall look a classic yet modern feel!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When it comes to summer prints, I’m all about making a statement, but keeping my accessories minimal so that the bold piece can be the focal point of the look!”