Trying to tackle a unique or vintage look this summer? It may not be as hard as you would think! Wherever you may be located, I guarantee there is a flea market, thrift store or local business nearby that would love to be represented. Thrifted or flea marketed clothing can be a diamond in the rough; but, what beautiful pieces are easy to find, am I right? Aside from accepting the exciting challenge of searching for new, thrifted clothing, something that I value is representing local artist’s clothing to generate awareness while looking cool and having the opportunity to wear pieces that not many people have ever seen. There’s nothing more that stands out than an underground brand.

Many people do not realize how many people in their local community are interested in the fashion industry or advertising themselves via clothing. Whether it is a local music artist or organization for saving animals, searching through Instagram or any type of social media, is an easy way to gain awareness to new brands like the T-shirt worn here.

Second to tackle is: vintage finds. Living in Los Angeles, I have formed a monthly schedule of each flea market that occurs each Sunday of the month—naturally, I request Sundays off just for flea markets. Something that people need to keep in mind when it comes to searching through markets or thrift stores is: keeping an open mind, having immense patience and knowing what price is the right price—don’t be afraid to barter! After achieving what I like to call, “the dig”—which is the ability to have a successful thrift or flea experience—it’s all about being able to pair it with something as unique as your newest found piece! A thrifted find can be an amazing staple, like these rad Tommy Hilfiger jeans, that could be worn 24/7.

Adding onto this unique summer look is a piece of cake. By pairing a bold neck piece, like this denim choker and gold chain necklace, you can add a fun element to a plain graphic T-shirt. Jazzing up a simple yet unique outfit with some simple, yet exciting accessory pieces can surely boost your “Tommy Mami” confidence.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Pair vintage pieces with new finds for an eclectic mix that’s super personalized.”