December 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

Much to our dismay, it is already that time of year again. ‘Tis the season for finals, stress and projects in what feels like every class. Did I mention stress? This jolly time of year also brings weather that has absolutely no business being this cold.

Upon rolling out of bed, you wonder if the heat in your building has ever or will ever work. Now, you have a dilemma. You are just trying to stunt on your fellow classmates, but Lord knows the likelihood of you mustering up the motivation to shimmy into your skinny jeans is slim to none. In this time of need, do not fear—leggings are here.

Leggings are a trusty old friend that have been through some tough times with you (I’m looking at you, high school). Contrary to popular belief, this faithful companion can be quite versatile. I have always been a strong leggings advocate, but there will always be haters. People that suggest leggings are not pants are not the type of people you need in your life.

With a little bit of creativity, leggings can be taken to the next level. This Fashionista decided to pair her comfy comrade with a chunky knit. In addition, she paired her look with stylish details: layered necklaces, a lacy bralette and fuzzy boots. Dressing to the nines is all about feeling good. Nothing is better than rocking a look that you are completely content in. That is my style advice of the week.