This past weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit a dear friend and fabulous Fashionista who moved far away from Minnesota to Scotland in the UK. Having lived in Edinburgh for the past two years, it is safe to say her style has changed considerably.

She now wear lots of neutral colors—forest green, plum, light blue, gray and black. Her former choices of hot pink or any other neon color has become a bit overwhelming for a country and culture steeped in tradition. It generally feels like spring or autumn in the city, so jean shirts, jumpers, skinny jeans or corduroy pants are some of her favorite outfit staples.

Since the main form of transportation in Edinburgh is walking, her shoes have to be comfortable. The hilly cobblestone roads of Old Town demand sturdy, flat shoes. These Steve Madden booties and similar short styles have become very popular throughout the UK since they can last months and still look and feel great.

One thing she’s kept from her time back in America? Her black leather Tory Burch cross-body bag that she absolutely adores. It’s timeless and matches nearly everything, plus it stayed safely wrapped around her as we took on the crowds while exploring the famous Festival Fringe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Here in Scotland, the weather is more variable, with wind, rain and sunshine rotating constantly throughout the day—so it’s important to wear lots of thin layers. Your outfit has to be versatile and comfortable but still stylish. I love to throw a scarf over any outfit, especially one that can double as a shawl if I need the extra warmth.”