Here in Nebraska, we have been getting spoiled with our beautiful weather, but we are also used to it being unpredictable. So what is a student to do when they don’t know what weather to dress for? Denim jeans are always a go-to item for the in-between weather, but now, denim is not just for your jeans. But what do you wear with a denim jacket? Do you dare double up denim? This is where we have to think, to denim or not to denim?

This Fashionista went for the double denim and nailed it! Wearing colored jeans is an easy way to be able to pull off a denim jacket. I’m especially in love with the oxblood color of her jeans, helping tie in the rest of the earthy Aztec style this Fashionista was going for! By throwing on her striped shirt under the denim jacket, she added more spunk to the outfit. It’s great to mix it up because sometimes wearing all solid colors can get old fast.

I loved that this Fashionista paired combat boots with the denim jacket. Both are very trendy, and it definitely helps to add attitude to the overall outfit. Plus, combat boots are perfect for any occasion! My favorite part of the look is the item that tied together this earthy outfit: the Aztec print backpack! Sometimes backpacks can take away from an outfit, but this printed backpack helped keep her trendy! This Fashionista definitely has a great way to style this great denim trend! Hopefully the weather sticks around so others can double denim too!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Denim! Colored skinny jeans come in every color now, so there are no excuses. Experiment with different colors, and even match two blue denim pieces together. Just play around, and try new things.”