Happy graduation season! Graduation is such a bittersweet time. On one hand, the graduate is leaving behind everything that he/she has known for the past four years. Their friends may be moving all over the country, and they themselves might be moving far away from home and from school. They’re completely uprooting themselves as they finish their education and move into the “real world”. But that is also what is so exciting! It is an opportunity to start fresh. We enter college as uncertain teenagers and emerge as bright young adults ready to start a career. Your first official time to showcase the new you is at your commencement ceremony, so of course any Fashionista/o’s first commencement question is, what to wear?

A nice dress is the go-to commencement outfit for most females. This fashionista is wearing an Adrianna Papell floral fit and flare dress. Since it is a formal event with colleagues, faculty, and family, you typically want to err on the conservative side with your outfit. This fit looks classy and professional on her, while still extremely feminine. She accessorizes with a pair of chandelier earrings in the same purple shade as the floral pattern on her dress. Since the dress will be covered up when she zips up her graduation gown, statement earrings are a great way to stand out amongst the crowd.

The final piece to the outfit, and one of the most important for this event, is the pair of shoes you choose to wear. You will be walking across a stage or platform to accept your diploma in front of hundreds of people, so you want to choose a pair or shoes that you are very comfortable walking in. This Fashionista chose a classic pair of nude heels with a wood platform bottom. If you are confident in your ability to wear heels, you could choose a bold pair of shoes as your standout piece.

This Fashionista did a great job of putting together an outfit that is appropriate for the occasion and still showcases her personal style. Choose an outfit that will make you feel poised and ready to commence. Congratulations, graduates!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Bright colors and bold prints are always a great idea! As my fashion icon, Lilly Pulitzer once said: ‘You feel happy wearing bright colors. It makes you smile. Who doesn’t want to smile a little bit more?’”