It is always a blessing in February if you can get an amazing sunny day when you don’t have to bundle up with millions of layers and can celebrate with a dress. What better way to celebrate than with a tribal pattern?

This design has been around for a while but has grown in popularity the past few years. It has become such a fashion staple that you can wear these intricate patterns as crop tops, shirts, skirts, shorts, dresses and so on. What’s really awesome about this trend is that it can be worn year round depending on the colors. During the winter you can have cool and darker colors versus the spring and summer has more vibrant colors. Fashionistas/os can pair two separate and different tribal patterns together to make an stunning statement if they want to go out on the board walk or walk around campus.

The Fashionista has taken advantage of the warmer weather on campus by wearing her new tribal patterned dress. She wanted something that was colorful so that it would stand out and remain winter appropriate. It is a perfect fit and flare dress that you could wear for any occasion whether it is for class or going out for dinner with the girlfriends. She accessorized her look with a solid cardigan and scarf so that the attention isn’t pulled away from her new outfit. For her comfort and keeping up with the winter season, she wore her favorite UGG boots and tights. The Fashionista also used gold accents in her gold cuff bracelet and nails to accentuate and elevate her clothes.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “This dress is great for going out, especially to the museum or downtown with your friends because the pattern is fun and interesting. The dress could also be worn with leggings and boots, or just by itself [with] sandals! It’s up to you on how you want to customize it!”