You’ve been doing it out of convenience since you were a kid, but when did tying tops around your waist get so trendy? Whether it is denim, flannel or a comfy button-down, tying your shirt around your waist is very in style.

What makes this trend so popular? First of all, there is a convenience factor of having the ability to put on or take off an item of clothing due to temperature change. Summer days can be very hot and summer nights can get chilly. Many girls also deal with the problem of having shorts that are just a little bit too short in the back. This is apparent with denim shorts as they fray after washing them. Wearing a tied top around your waist can solve that issue and allow you to keep wearing the summer shorts you love. In addition, tying a shirt around your waist can make for a more slender look as it covers the crease between skin and garment and highlights a slimmer part of the body. When done well, this look can be anything from casual to chic.

This Fashionista pulls off the tied top trend just right! She pairs a white lace crop top, black shorts and black booties with her tied denim top. She accessorizes with a bold statement necklace, gold watch and some mixed metal rings. Her look is a great example of how to rock the tied top.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Tying shirts at your waist works great for summer because it is an easy way to slim down your waist when wearing shorts. You can also untie it at night and wear it in case it gets cold.”