STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Throwback to Turtlenecks

You know those seemingly dated turtleneck sweaters you find in your mom or dad’s closet? Well, they appear to be making an innovative comeback.  A turtleneck sweater (or “skivvy” as it is called back in my homeland of New Zealand), is known for its high-collar neckline. It may just seem like a fad of the ’60s or too conservative of a staple, but recently we have seen a novel revival of this classic neckline. From the sequin turtlenecks in Christian Dior’s pre-fall 2015 collection to the emerging unconventional pairing of turtlenecks with suits among men this season, the cozy neckline is starting to establish itself as a solid sartorial trend.

This Fashionisto was spotted with a classic navy turtleneck sweater that served both as the perfectly cozy winter layer and a built-in scarf. The sweater’s minimalism spoke loudly, and the neckline gave the sweater an interesting architecture. Who knew sweater, navy blue and turtleneck in concert would create such synergy. His navy duffel coat added extra warmth and a layer of modest sophistication, and the beige khakis nicely complemented the navy-heavy outfit palette. The coat’s toggle-fastenings make it easy to put on and take off while wearing gloves all while adding a casual but sophisticated flair. With his waterproof and insulated Sorel boots, he is ready to conquer the winter with class and style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Turtlenecks make life easier because it’s a built-in scarf. They also make me feel a little older, which at this point in my life is always good.”