August 19th, 2016 at 2:07am

Summer is sadly coming to an end. As one door closes, another opens; so it’s time to buckle down for some “back to school” shopping. Shopping can be fun and therapeutic, this is the time you can reinvent yourself, your sense of style and fashion influences. Unfortunately, I know as a fashion fanatic myself that it can also be a financial burden.

If you are watching your wallet right now or just want to get away from the static retail racks, this Fashionista has just the right solution for you. This carefree, fashion forward collegiate thrifts for most of her wardrobe. Thrifting gives her a unique style, one which she displays today. You can try Buffalo Exchange or your local flea markets for some unexpected fashion options.

This Fashionista is rocking a pair of denim overalls which take center stage in this outfit. The piece is rolled up at the bottom to emulate a rugged tone while the detailing on the buttons, pockets and label reveal the level of care and thought put into these overalls. Next, she matched a simple striped shirt underneath to give this look essence of detail without overpowering it. This easy, two piece outfit is highlighted as this Fashionista pays careful attention to her accessories by adding a pair of headphones which follow the color scheme of her shirt and shoes along with a denim scrunchy to add on the vintage vibe this thrifted article brings. Finally, to complete this “back to school” style, this Fashionista grabbed her favorite backpack in a neutral tone to anticipate the fall colors to come. A coffee-colored bag like this is a good option since it can withstand wear better than light colors. Each aspect of this Fashionista’s outfit blends well with each other to showcase her personality and she is ready to look beyond the summer to welcome all the great things to come.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t take things too seriously. I like to describe myself as homeless chic, I thrift 95% of my clothes! You never know what you can find and it’s great.”