STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: These Knee-High Boots Were Made for Walking

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: These Knee-High Boots Were Made for Walking

Hello Fashionistas/os I have some good news! Over-the-knee boots are in and are rocking street style in every city this winter. Forget how tall or short you are, over-the-knee boots look great on everyone. Pair it with a patterned skirt like this Fashionista here or with leggings, and you’re ready to go out!

Over-the-knee boots haven’t always had the best reputation. There are ways to make your over the knee boots look classy and fabulous. First, wear your boots with a pair of jeans! Too many people seem to overlook jeans these days, but find a fitted pair, and add some fun, flashy accessories to make your outfit pop. Second, be bold and buy your boots in a different color like a red, gray or even cheetah! Let your boots do the talking. Lastly, a big fur coat with over the knee boots will set you on the right track and make a major fashion statement. “A little fur never killed anybody.”

Do not wear your over the knee boots with short shorts. This is a major fashion no-no!

This Fashionista here does something amazing to her outfit. Notice how she wears a coat that makes the rest of her outfit pop? She’s not wearing any jewelry, but with a patterned skirt, over the knee boots and a dark purple double-breasted peacoat, she doesn’t need any. What she’s wearing says it all. It’s always important to add color into whatever you’re wearing. The colors of what you are wearing can be a statement on their own.

No matter where you are, strut down the street in your knee-high boots with confidence!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Whatever boots you buy, don’t be afraid to make a statement with them. Buy what you like and go out and rock it! A little color always looks great.”