STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: These Booties Are Made For Walking

It’s safe to say ankle booties are here to stay. From a black leather pair with a two-inch heel to brown suede pair with just a little lift, a Fashionista in booties walks circles around the student population shuffling to class in their old shower shoes. I scoped out this Fashionista strutting her stuff between classes and was immediately drawn to her maroon tights, which drew my eye straight down to those taupe suede booties.

The great thing about a pair of booties is that they truly can be the perfect accessories. They make any look come flawlessly together when paired with a dress, some trousers or even your favorite pair of leggings. In this Fashionista’s look, her long sleeve, lace tunic, colorful tights and beautiful large black bag were all pulled together by her classic ankle booties. I love her eye for color and the risk she took by mixing and matching patterns and statement pieces. Her intricate top looks as though it’s been hand stitched by a designer, while her maroon tights add the perfect pop of color to an otherwise neutral look. When wearing so many patterns and accessories, it’s easy to have an overload of statements, but this Fashionista stomps out any kind of confusion with a simple shoe.

What I love most about the ankle bootie is that they provide a way to diversify your ensemble. They seem to add a depth to any look. For example, you easily can dress up your favorite baggy sweater and leggings with a pair of booties, making a comfy outfit instantly posh. On the other hand, that one dress you can never find the right occasion to show off because it’s a little too formal just became your new staple. Instead of pairing it with some strappy heels, your ankle booties make it fit for any occasion. Ankle booties are here to save the day or any fashion drama you’ve got going on in your wardrobe.

If you’re looking to hop on the ankle bootie trend train, wait no longer. My favorite go-to pair are black leather, but I’m in the market for new ones because I get my use out of them on a daily basis. From trekking around campus to exploring downtown with friends, to photo shoots in a field to a night out on the town, ankle booties are essential footwear this season.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I found [my booties for] super cheap and I was iffy about them fitting into my style at first, but now they are one of my favorite pieces. I like the style and color of the booties because I can wear them casually to class or going out to dinner. Even though Florida isn’t known for it’s cold days, I think these booties are a great piece for my (small) winter wardrobe.”