For many nine-to-fivers out there, weekends are sacred—especially in the midst of the summer season. Along with the rest of the traffic, I flocked back to a lake I grew up on to find this Fashionista sporting her best. The lake lifestyle is so uncertain and dynamic—one moment the group is lounging in swim attire, and the next they have to attend a local event. Despite the ever changing schedule, this Fashionista conquered all as a true weekend warrior would.

The Fashionista concentrates her look around the main piece of the ensemble: the maxi skirt. The skirt, truly fit for a warrior given the slits on both sides, is unconfined to accommodate for the sun. The beach vibe given off by the skirt is matched with a floppy, wicker sun hat. The combination of floppy and the length of the skirt emphasize the flowing style. She continues this continuity by pairing the matching wedges with a tan crop top.

She plays on the blue in the impressive skirt by accessorizing with jewelry like the ring, with other hues of blue. The best part about her color scheme is the contrast between her strawberry blonde hair and the blues. She surely would stand out from across the lake.

This skirt allows for versatile living, which is just what she needs. The piece is chic enough to wear out and about, yet cool enough for summer bumming. Additionally, it allows for many different focuses like color scheme and flow. Next time I come back to the lake, I am taking this warrior to battle the weekend with me!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Everyone has their own style! Show it off and be proud.”