In light of this awards season, I have decided to give an award to the best coat of the year: the waterfall coat. It has been one of the trendiest pieces this season and everyone from Kim Kardashian to fashion bloggers have been making a statement with these coats.

Waterfall coats are the perfect combination of glamor and comfort. They provide the length and material of a winter coat, but the fabric and style give it a polished and fashionable look. The simplicity of these coats allows for a variety of different adaptations based on your style. For a grunge look you can add leather pants. For a casual look you can style it with a T-shirt. For a glam look you can pair it with some stylish jeans and pumps. The variability of these coats is a key reason for their success in the fashion industry. It can be easily molded to fit your style and can be worn for a variety of occasions and seasons.

Looking at this Fashionista, you can tell why the waterfall coat is in high demand. Her casual outfit, featuring ripped jeans and a black top, paves the way for the coat’s red carpet moment. The military green color of the coat is a stylish choice considering its current popularity in fashion. She also keeps her accessories, which are her black and red tote and black booties, fairly simple and monochromatic to highlight the coat. This waterfall coat also has leather detailing, which is a great complement to her leather bag. Although this coat provides her with warmth and comfort, this Fashionista still looks chic and fabulous.

The waterfall coat definitely deserves the award for the best coat of the season. It provides the best of both worlds of comfort and glamour that many fashionistas look for in the colder months. Yet, its adaptability for seasons such as the spring and summer will keep it in the limelight for awhile to come.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Create a color palette for your outfit that suits your style and taste. I love keeping a neutral palette when choosing outfits because it keeps the look cohesive and simple. You can always add a pop of color, especially in the spring and summer!”