STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Statement Jacket

Throughout the years on runways across the world, the statement item has become a permanent fixture in the fashion industry. These statement items are often detailed and small and have just the right amount of punch and uniqueness to pull an entire ensemble together with an added touch. As a result of this, statement items often come from the accessories category in the form of a pair of earrings, a necklace, a bag and even shoes. Unfortunately, those that are not accessory-obsessed are left in a bind. Where does this leave Fashionistas that want to have a look that allows them stand out from the rest of the crowd?  Fear not, Fashionistas. The introduction of a statement jacket to your wardrobe will be the very thing that you never knew your closet was missing.

During spring, the concept of a statement jacket has gone through a revival period. These jackets come in every texture imaginable—the satin texture of a lightweight bomber, the butter-soft feel of leather and the classic and traditional texture of denim. To spruce up these materials to make them into covetable statement jackets, a unique wash, patches and embellishments are often added to make them stand out. Whether your style is girly, eclectic or edgy, there is a statement jacket out there for every style persona.

So how does one pull off a statement jacket? Check out this Fashionista’s ensemble for some inspiration. She flips the head of a classic denim jacket by having it oversized and in a poppy shade of lavender. To allow the jacket to shine, this Fashionista kept the rest of her outfit in black and white pieces. Playing up the femininity of the lavender denim, this Fashionista throws on a white pleated skirt and adds contrast to this femininity with a simple, black tattoo choker necklace.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like anything that’s weird and unique. I think it’s important to have statement pieces like these in your wardrobe so that way, your outfit can always look interesting and special without having to try too hard.”