STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Return of the '80s Off-The-Shoulder Top

The iconic ‘80s off-the-shoulder top, seen in all of our mothers’ high school yearbooks, has made a strong comeback this summer across the runways. With the weather around us getting warmer and warmer, the off-the-shoulder top offers a light and fun alternative to the previous layers worn.

Worried you’re not boho or preppy enough to rock this top? The off-the-shoulder top appeals to all different styles. They’re available in solids, prints and denim to match your outfit of the day. What I love about this top is that you can pair it with whatever and still look chic. Since the words “college” and “time” are not exactly synonymous, having an off-the-shoulder top in your wardrobe is essential for those rough mornings.

This Fashionista captures the versatility of the off-the-shoulder top. Pairing a denim off-the-shoulder top with DIY distressed white jeans and sandals, she completes the look with layered chokers. These chokers consist of a ‘90s tattoo choker, a plain velvet choker and a wrap-around evil eye necklace. While these chokers look difficult to manage, many retailers sell these layered necklaces in one set!

This Fashionista embodies a mix of a soft grunge and boho approach to the off-the-shoulder top. This outfit is perfect for a day with your girlfriends, or a date with your guy. During the summer time, skin is in! Women strive to find new ways to show more skin while still keeping their class. The off-the-shoulder top shows just the right amount of skin to keep us feeling confident and fierce!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Off-the-shoulder tops are a closet must-have. I love how the working woman can wear one throughout the day, and then switch her flats out for a pair of pumps and be able to wear the same outfit out!”