STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The P(f)erfect Combination

While an outfit consisting of denim on denim may seem more like something your mom sported back in the day, this Fashionista is bringing the denim style back with a trendy flare. When thinking back to the denim years, thoughts of high-waisted, light wash skinny jeans immediately come to mind. However, denim has greatly evolved over the years and Fashionistas/os are constantly finding new ways to put a twist on the classic staple piece.

While a pair of skinny jeans is a necessity in any wardrobe, so is the classic denim button-down, so why not pair them together? This Fashionista has paired dark wash skinny jeans with a lighter wash, button-down denim shirt. With two basics harmonizing, this Fashionista has added a large fur vest for contrast in her outfit. As two different shades of blue make up most of the outfit, a neutral vest breaks up the denim on denim while also adding texture from the fur lining. While this statement vest hangs effortlessly against the denim, it is also highly functional for winter with an oversized hood and pockets to keep this Fashionista warm in the cold weather.

With the sun shining, even in the middle of winter, leopard print Steve Madden sunglasses add a touch of flare to this Fashionista’s outfit. This also draws attention to a pair of dangling, rhinestone earrings for a bit of sparkle in the outfit. A pair of black booties with gold detail on the buckle completes this Fashionista’s look; the gold details in her shoes also tie in nicely with the gold in her watch and backpack, which complete this modern twist on denim.

What is so desirable about this outfit is that it is simply combining basics that can be part of your wardrobe for every season. Rolling up the sleeves on the button-down and cuffing the skinny jeans, along with a swap of sandals for booties, will turn this look into the perfect spring outfit. Do not be afraid to take an outfit that was in style many years ago and try to remake it into a new trend today. Fashion is continuously circling back to styles and transforming them into new creations today. It’s hard to imagine that we would be raiding our moms’ closets for the perfect denim outfit, but this Fashionista has turned a retro outfit into one that is chic and polished.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When in doubt, dress up because I would rather be overdressed than underdressed; look good, feel good and do good. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”