Remember in the summer when all you could think about was all of the cute fall layers you were going to wear once the weather cooled down a bit? Well that was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it? Now we have reached the middle of winter, and I for one cannot remember the last time I saw the sun.

While most of my peers, including myself, are bundled from head to toe in puffy layers, there are still some Fashionistas/os out there braving the cold in style. I found this Fashionista walking back from class sporting one of my favorite trends of year: the midi dress. She made this tank midi dress winter appropriate by adding a few casual layers. Rather than wearing a chunky sweater, she wore a thin cardigan which helped her avoid looking bulky. For even more warmth, she added black tights and thick socks that peaked out above her Dr. Martens-inspired boots. The boots are a great addition to this outfit because they are both practical and add a pop of color. In an effort to keep her top half from freezing off, she threw on a pastel pink scarf. I’m still in awe of how she tied it. Because the scarf and boots are in the same color family, they complement each other perfectly.

As an advocate for the midi dress and skirt, this look is an excellent example of how versatile this piece can be. It has a way of making any outfit feminine without being too girly or revealing, no matter what your style is. While this Fashionista went for a more grungy look, the midi style is perfect for the workplace, for a night out or a casual daytime look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You should never be afraid to experiment with new looks, especially in college! Eventually we all find our rhythms. They can be all over the board, but they never lack emotion.”