Admit it. At one point in time, the dream of becoming a mystical mermaid has crossed your mind. I mean, can we really help it? I’ve wanted to be a mermaid ever since Ariel and Prince Phillip. Well listen up, because I’m here to tell you that you will never actually grow a tail and become a mermaid! But, you can get the look!

Here’s the first step: replace your legs with a vibrant maxi skirt! Long skirts are gorgeous. They elongate your body and are quite slimming. Plus, what’s better than not wearing constricting pants? This Fashionista looks so great in this beautifully patterned maxi skirt. I really enjoy the tribal print because it’s not too obnoxious, but really pops.

Second step: Brighten up your top half! When you picture a mermaid you think of color, and what better time to break out the brights than in the summer? I’m obsessed with this turquoise crop top worn by our Fashionista. She could have matched one of the warmer tones in the skirt, but instead went for the cool tones. The turquoise blue might remind someone of the ocean, hence continuing the mermaid effect.

Finish your look with the third step: barely there sandals and textured accessories. Everyone knows mermaids don’t wear shoes! If you want to really put the focus on your skirt, choose a simple sandal. How adorable is the hat? It’s so beachy! Perfect for adding an extra element to your outfit while saving your skin from the sun.

There you have it; you’re practically a beautiful creature of the ocean with this summer look!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I look all around for things to inspire my fashion choices. If it’s a beautiful day out and I can’t be at the beach, I’ll bring the beach to my wardrobe!”