What if I told you this Fashionista was channeling her inner Trinity from the movie The Matrix and that I loved every thing about it? Nothing says The Matrix like leather layered on top of leather. Just add some some leather to any an outfit and you have instantly upgraded to giving your outfit some edge. And let’s face it, you will feel pretty cool wearing leather.

This Fashionista had an eccentric style that instantly caught my eye while I was on campus. From head to toe, her ensemble was very unique. The outfit was definitely centered around the leather jacket. The jacket was layered underneath with a fitted leather dress. It was a bit chilly that day so this Fashionista went for thick black leggings. You can get away with wearing tights or leggings on a cold day and still be warm when you add socks—that extra layer of warmth helps. The more layers the better; they add character to an outfit. Check out the red and black checkered shirt that the Fashionista has around her waist. She topped it off with sun glasses that are like a blast from the past.

My favorite part about this whole outfit has to be the platform shoes. They add a fun touch to such a serious outfit. The shoes feature a comic strip that you would probably find yourself being entertained with every time you look down to check out the shoes. So funky!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Whatever you decide to put on every morning, make sure it represents who you are and that you are being true to yourself.”