As retail stores begin their transition from summer to fall fashion, there is one trend that remains multi-seasonal: the felt hat. From shading your face from the sun on those hot summer days, to just sitting it on your head to complete your outfit, hats have been dubbed an important accessory for every season.

While others prefer wider brimmed “Little House on the Prairie” style hats, this Fashionista went for the sleek and stylish design that is a fedora. Known for its felt fabric, single ribbon and indented top, the fedora first appeared in 1882 as a woman’s hat. It wasn’t until  1924 when Prince Edward of Britain started to wear it and adopted it as menswear. Nowadays, a fedora can be seen gracing the heads of any gender.

This Fashionista is wearing a boxy floral print top with all-black everything else. This adds a pop of print and color to her solid colored ensemble. Her black skinnies are cuffed to show off some super trendy black platform gladiator heels. The gladiator style is definitely a summer staple. The black purse she’s carrying features a large bow on the clasp, a lovely detail to a simple design. To literally top it off, this Fashionista, of course, has a cute little black fedora resting on the back of her head. It’s better to wear it this way if you’re trying to show off your face rather than if you’re trying to shade it.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid of hat hair! When wearing a hat, always bring a brush or comb in your purse for when you absolutely need to take it off. Don’t get caught slippin’.”