This week, UCR is having their annual winter music festival, called Heat, and it is considered one of the biggest events they have. Students here are always thrilled and excited for the line-up they provide. These days, music festivals have proven to be more than just music. They incorporate fashion, as well. Fashion plays pivotal role in music festivals becuase people dress up in their own style according to their music taste. Many popular items at music festivals are flower crowns, high-waisted shorts and the kimono. The kimono is quintessentially the go-to piece. It’s sleek and effortless, making everyone want to wear them. Besides wearing this piece to music events or parties, the kimono jacket is still perfect for everyday wear. This jacket is definitely a staple piece for transitioning into spring.

When the kimono trend started coming out, many people thought they couldn’t pull it off because of its very “boho-chic” feel. However, the kimono is susceptible to other styles. You can be casual, feminine or dressy, even with this ensemble. Kimonos come in various styles in terms of patterns and lengths. Honestly, it’s a great wear for any body shape. If you’re afraid of the dangling long tassels, then go for the shorter one, which is what this Fashionista is wearing. Here, the Fashionista radiates in this cardigan with a dabble of high-waisted shorts and chunky black ankle boots. The flowered patterned material is loosely fit and oversized, making it comfortable for this Fashionista to wear during school hours and hangout sessions. With so many different options to wear, are you willing to try this piece?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Black is such a timeless color. It matches well with everything and adds a classic feel to any outfit.”