Pack up your stuff. We’re going on an adventure. I’m taking you into the world of this spunky Fashionisto. It’s full of…well, basically everything you wouldn’t find in any typical college kid’s closet. Pajama pants to class? Nope. Boat shoes? Definitely not. College T-shirts? Don’t even think about it. Those items would never taint this noble Fashionisto’s wardrobe. He’s been killing the fashion game since pre-K, knocking down his frumpy foes with each royal step he takes. Trust me; you’ll see. Welcome to the land of the fashion king. Let’s face it; we’re all peasants here.

Today, the king blessed us with an outfit for the books, incorporating prints, patterns and textures galore. Why, yes, peasants; he’s wearing a sweatshirt. A king can do whatever he pleases. But this isn’t any sweatshirt. Its gold zippers add detail and when opened, they act as a layering opportunity. On top of it, he added my favorite item: a thrifted, floral windbreaker. With its bright, bold colors, it acts as the outfit’s focal point, and it not-so-rudely interrupts the outfit’s solidity.

He flaunted his jewels by wearing his mixed-metal rings. I especially like that one looks Renaissance-like—perfect for a king. His rings are just example of his many regal accessories.To tame his locks, he tied a black bandana around his head. It’s white detailing contrasts nicely with his hair, and overall, it acts as yet another eye-catching addition to his outfit.

Prepare yourself with this advice…

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Listen up, young, future fashion god. Being a fashion magnate is a state of mind. Confidence is key. Pair boisterous patterns with subtle black because you’re not just a mall-core teenager anymore. If you can, wear high quality pieces to stunt on all the other plebeians and peasants. Having a few quality-made, basic layering pieces is better than having 200 poorly-made shirts. If you can’t afford high end prices, a thrifted windbreaker can be a great addition. Subtle details such as gold side zippers and patterned textures can make a boring hoodie into something you’d find in a Versace fashion show in Milan.”