STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Fashion Checklist

Winter is in full effect at Maryland. The most deceptive part about this weather is that the sun is always out. I can look out of my window and think, “Oh, it has to be at least 55 degrees.” I plan my outfit accordingly, only to step outside and get hit with 23 miles per hour winds. So, I’ve developed a winter wear checklist. Let’s see if our Fashionisto meets these cold weather requirements.

First, always wear warm bottoms. While walking around campus, I instantly gravitate to the pants in his look. The bright orange hue went unnoticed in a sea of winter neutrals. The combination of a bright hue and tribal print were a double win for me. It was not until I actually got a closer view that I realized that they were sweatpants. This Fashionisto gets a check for warmth and style. Second, layer your tops, sweaters and coats. This Fashionisto chose to neutralize his pants with a gray slogan T-shirt and navy, oversized coat. The style of this coat is oozing Yeezus vibes. Third, accessories are a necessity. Our Fashionisto is wearing a pair of tortoise shell glasses and a navy baseball cap. Baseball caps have become the new winter accessory. This cap gives off a 1980s vibes with its hard plastic brim. Finally, boots are your best friend. To complete this look, wear a pair of brown snow boots. This is an ultimate essential for the unpredictable, harsh weather.

This look just exudes individuality. Each piece can be the focal point of other looks. However, this Fashionisto’s swag brings great synergy to the entire look, and that allows each piece to work together cohesively. Remember, it’s your level of self-confidence that matters, not the brands in your closet.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Do not dress to impress. Dress the way you feel and others will take notice of it.”