July 10th, 2015 at 2:10am

Summer is supposed to be all about bikini weather and little clothing, but this summer calls for big sweaters and extra layers. How are all the Fashionista/os suppose to rock their summer wear if summer is nowhere to be found? Talk about a dilemma. However, according to the Fashionisto of my article this week, he finds himself rocking the light weight denim and still managing to keep warm on those chilly summer days. So welcome to the man’s guide to causal denim for a Midwest summer because if a trip to the Midwest is in your future, you are going to need these tips.

This Fashionisto pulls a denim on denim look off with two very different denims that come together perfectly. The darker denim jeans create a basic start to this Fashionisto’s outfit by finding a common color to pair with his lighter denim shirt. Together, the two denims balance each other out and come together to create the best go-to casual outfit for a colder summer day. For men and their carefree ways, when it comes to finding an outfit for a special occasion or just a relaxing day it’s too easy throw a pair of jeans and white tee on and call it a day. Instead, by grabbing a darker wash pair of jeans and a button up, it looks more put together and says, “I tried, but not too hard and here I am”. By simply throwing a pair of stylish glasses on as well as some high-top sneakers, you’ll be the guy everyone wants to be or to be with.

This denim on denim trend hits this summer hard not only in men’s closets but also women’s closets too. Why may you ask? Well denim has found itself in every shape, color and form. There are a thousand different kinds of washes and there is everything from a denim romper to denim “bro tanks”. Find yourself sick of the regular denim jeans that have been around for years? Any store nowadays has a wash and fit made for everyone. Grab a friend and see which one’s you find fit you and your style best.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “I like to dress comfortably and still feel good. I love wearing black denim because it’s so versatile and you can dress it up or down. Everyone has that one favorite piece of clothing and that’s my denim shirt for me. It’s so comfortable and shows my laid back side.”