You can’t seem to go anywhere this summer without seeing this season’s hottest trend–elegantly bared shoulders. From the beach to the red carpet, even at work or school, it’s everywhere. It’s no wonder the off-the-shoulder top is one of the most worn ensembles. It’s versatile, flattering and perfect for those sweltering 90° days when you just don’t want to be bothered with excess fabric.

Bare shoulders are the new crop top. They show just the right amount of skin and are appropriate and casual enough for the everyday gal. Playful and fun, they are subtly sexy while still maintaining sophistication.

I know this off-the-shoulder trend can seem exhausted and over hyped, but it is a classic. Its roots began in the 19th century, popular with aristocratic European ladies. They wore gorgeous gowns of silk that allowed a slight peek of the shoulders, which was the only exposed skin considered acceptable in their modest era. There was a resurgence in the ’60s, sparked by icon Brigitte Bardot’s provocative exposed shoulders. And of course how could one forget the signature tops of the ’80s, synonymous with hair big enough to hold secrets and bold colorful patterns. The style has been fading in and out of fashion in the millennium, but I feel like it has truly made a grand comeback in 2016.

My favorite thing about this trend is how many different ways it can be worn. For a more glamorous look for a night out or date, pair with a mini skirt and lace-up heels. Achieve a more laid back vibe with denim and flat sandals. It can truly be an all around staple in your closet.

This Fashionista kept her floral top the bright focus of her monochromatic outfit. An all black ensemble complements this key piece of clothing, from the high-waisted pants to the heeled booties and finally, the (faux) leather purse. She kept the accessories minimal, only wearing a few gold rings. I think that keeping the jewelry pretty simple is key with this look, as to not overpower the aesthetic of the bare shoulders. I would recommend just a little choker or delicate necklace with the top, although in my opinion, an unadorned neck looks best.

A piece of clothing that has epitomized femininity and elegance for more than 200 years, it has the power to instantly make an outfit stylish and add a boost of confidence. It’s clear to see why the off the shoulder trend is all the rage right now. Here’s to hoping it sticks around!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Everyone should pick up on the off the shoulder trend because it shows skin in a very classy way that never comes off as too much!”