March 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

With the passing seasons, the fashion world has recognized the chunky sweater and all its glory. Without a doubt, the chunky sweater has made its way to be a staple piece in the average Fashionista/o’s wardrobe. However, the fear of looking frumpy has made the sweater trend a little intimidating. If that’s the case for you, don’t worry because after reading this you might just change your mind.

Living in Southern California has its seasonal perks; shorts are not limited to the summer, and jackets are generally only needed if you’re going to the movies and the theater is cold. Sorry, East Coast. The average SoCal resident’s wardrobe consists of the spring and summer essentials with a few sweaters in case of gloomier weather. Although blizzards are not coming our way, we have found a way to dress for our cold weather. You have this dress that you really want to wear, but it’s surprisingly cold outside. What should you do? Throw on a cute, knit sweater over your favorite dress and voila, an ensemble to beat the chill while still being sunny-appropriate.

This Fashionista did just that with her layered look. She chose to throw on a chunky, navy sweater over a beige dress. Now, from afar you can’t tell that she wore a dress, and that’s what I love about this look. She understands that dresses are versatile pieces and that a sweater can change a whole look. I love a piece that can be worn multiple times in different ways. The sweater adds texture and dimension without looking frumpy, and the color complements her dress. If dresses aren’t your thing, don’t hesitate to replicate the look with a skirt. She finished off her look with a pair of black Steve Madden booties that match well with her black Ray-Bans.

This chunky sweater trend is here to stay, so find your favorite way to wear it!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When you are unsure of the weather, throw a sweater over a dress.”