Every college student loves their time off for summer vacation. Summer means sunshine, beach and unfortunately, work. Although not every job requires a long commute and typical hours, they all have a similar dress code. The dreaded pants suit and button-down shirt everyday definitely makes picking out what you want on your days off a real treat. This Fashionista went with the comfortable choice pairing her detailed white tank top with jean shorts. While dressing casual does not always imply comfort, this Fashionista creates a perfect balance between the two.

Denim is the perfect addition to any outfit that is worn with casual intentions. Although colored denim can be dressed up, normal blue Levi jeans are great no matter what the occasion. Jean shorts go with just about everything making denim one of the easiest materials to match. This Fashionista chose to pair her denim shorts with a detailed white sweetheart neckline tank top. The dangling balls off the bottom of her shirt help to set it apart from a solid boring tank. Her look is finished off with a Claddagh necklace and black bow tie sandals creating the perfect outfit for her everyday errands.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to keep it simple when I don’t have to dress for a specific occasion. Jean shorts an a detailed tank are my go-to items on my days off. My ideal outfit helps me to stay comfortable and cool in this summer heat.”