There is no denying the frigid weather outside. Boston has been hit hard this year regarding snow but fear not, our spirits have yet to be broken. This Fashionista is an example as she sports a warm red scarf with a beautiful blue coat that reminds you of your grandmother’s coat; it’s warm and unique. In the past couple of years, the big, old-fashioned, almost vintage coats are back in trend.

The contrast between blue, red and black is fascinating. This type of coat might be hard to find, but this Fashionista says she found it in Macy’s, so keep an eye out. If the blue is a little too much for you, there are other colors like this black one. It is an essential to have a coat for the winter; it will keep you warm and for those days when you need to wear an extra layer!

This has been adapted by this Fashionista as she decides to wear leather gloves and tall riding boots, leaving little exposed to the cold. She wore her brown Longchamp bag to finish her look. In addition, she made sure to keep extra warm with tights and jeans. In the winter, having more than one coat is important. If not, you will have more options to choose from but you will also impress people with the variety of coats you have!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Layers. Never be afraid to wear tights under your pants. Warm is always better than cold.”