Finding a happy medium between comfy and cute can be difficult at times, especially in the cold winter months. These winter months have a tendency to make all of us want to hibernate and wear sweats all day. Instead, I think it is a perfect opportunity to throw on the fur, boots, scarves and fun accessories that go into making a fashionable winter look. This winter has Midwesterners ecstatic with picture perfect December days, followed by a beautiful snowfall on the 25th of December. I caught this Fashionista out and about after the first snowfall of the year. She chose a sporty-chic look to keep her comfy, cozy and cute while shopping over winter break. There may be snow on the ground, but this 40-degree weather is heavenly to us Midwesterners. She ditched the snow boots for some Nike’s that are perfect for walking around town in. She also rocked the boyfriend jeans to add some style to this look and to take advantage of fall trends continuing into these warm winter months. To top it all off she rocked some black, aviator Ray-Ban sunglasses, and an Olivia and Joy tote to act as a purse on her day out.

Now, onto my favorite winter accessory: the big, comfy coat that this Fashionista is wearing. Who knew a stylish coat could change a winter look so much? Well, it can. Instead of going for your typical down coat, this Fashionista added a stylish white cotton coat to her look. This coat can be put with any outfit, whether it is fancy or casual. When you’re feeling lazy and casual on a cold winter day, this coat is a great fashion addition to spunk up your outfit. There are so many fun coats out right now, and that is why winter is my favorite. I love layers and being able to create an outfit with multiple clothing items. Whether its fancy, casual or a nice ski coat, there are so many fun ways to make your winter look more fashionable.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “During the cold winter months, a nice, big coat is the perfect piece to spice up your outfit and look fashionable while out and about.”