Lately the streets have been filled with vests! From fashion bloggers to campus Fashionistas, it seems like everyone is taking the vest trend for a test drive. The most popular use of this trend is through the large faux fur vests. Fur used to be a huge no, but now with the use of faux fur, many are remembering the luxurious and warm appeal it once had. When you see someone walking down the street in one of these statement vests, you can’t help but notice them. Many choose to pair their vests with leather and bold accessories. However, there are many ways to rock this trend.

This Fashionista decided to take on this trend in her own way. Instead of a full-on faux fur vest, she went with a suede black vest with fur lining. This vest is more casual but still represents the high fashion trend that has been hitting the streets. She decided to pair her vest with a blue plaid button-down and leggings. This outfit is perfect for class or hanging out on the weekends because it is casual yet stylish.

Not being able to rock the large fur vests myself, I was inspired by this Fashionista’s take on it. Her vest is a little more practical for the everyday college girl, but it’s still super trendy. I think many shy away from bold trends in the fear of wearing them incorrectly, but trends are there to inspire style, and this Fashionista displayed that perfectly.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Minimalism! Simplify your outfit and vest to suit your lifestyle. Pick a vest that is practical, and pair it with your favorite wardrobe essentials. Don’t let the vest wear you!”