Do you live by the covenant that less really is more? Do you believe that black, white and gray is not just palette, it is a lifestyle? Have you trademarked the LBD? If you answered yes to any or all of these criteria, then you just might be a minimalist. Minimalism is a rather enchanting style. It evokes fantasies of striding confidently through city streets in a tailored coat and sleek dark shades, or sitting languidly in a French café in black skinnies and a striped shirt. Don’t let its simplicity fool you into thinking that the timeless look is boring or drab. Instead, it celebrates purity of form and relaxed of style and spirit.

The versatility of this style cannot be overvalued. Sharp, simple garments and neutral tones that shift seamlessly between formal and informal occasions are the foundation of the minimalist style. The minimalist swears by garments that are multifaceted; a black blazer situated smartly over a white blouse is suitable look for formal work, while the same blazer over a white T-shirt is casually debonair. It is this charm that also attests to the immortality of the style. Its ability to steadily cruise through the years with a classic, yet contemporary quality.

Minimalism can befit a variety of different archetypes from the urbane artist to the sophisticated business professional. Also, the minimalist wardrobe may very well be the perfect style for the college Fashionista. A few classic basics and achromatic staples are all one needs to create an infinite amount of chic ensembles. What could be more effortless and economical? The practicality of minimalism could not be more appropriate for the college campus, where I spied this Fashionista embodying the timeless style. Her monochromatic palette is sharp. If anyone every claimed grayscale couldn’t be a “pop color,” they were madly mistaken, for this Fashionista’s gray turtleneck sweater and quilted tote bring just enough pop to the otherwise black ensemble.

The outfit itself is reminiscent of Phoebe Philo and evocative of Calvin Klein’s pre-fall 2014 collection, but I would also like to direct the aspiring minimalist to Zero+ Maria Cornejo‘s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. True to the trend, this Fashionista garnishes her simple outfit with equally subtle jewelry. There will be no statement necklaces or chandelier earrings to fuss up this look. Instead, a delicate silver chain necklace and latch-back earrings are all the ornamentation she really needs. And how can one not appreciate a beauty routine as uncomplicated as a red lip and sleek hair? If you ask me, this Fashionista is an savvy stylist, and a true muse for those who think dressing for class in the morning should be two things: simple and effortless!

What’s Your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’m from England, studying here for the quarter, so I need a wardrobe that is simple and versatile. It helps to have a lot of pieces in neutral colors so that they all go together.”