February 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

So recently, Seattle rains quite often. Many people’s passions for dressing up are depressed by such pouring rain. However, some fashionistas are still bouncing in drizzle with their styles on. This Fashionista’s delicate choice, especially the embellishing gold, manifests her consistent fashion spirit.

Her overall confidence of her style caught my attention first and after scanning details up and down, I decided to promote her outfit for this week right away. The black hat gains credits for being stylish and practical. Umbrellas sometime break the general pitch of clothing because of limited choices for them. So the black hat here perfectly keeps the hair dry and precisely helps her gold/light-brown hair pop out. Besides, black cleverly keeps the tone harmonious.

The color of her suit works similarly as the black I previously brought up. The appearance of the suit here kind of impresses me for it adds a bit serious relish to the rest comfy but cool part. So using suit to balance the basic tone is a witty and playful attempt. I personally love such individuation. What’s more, the black translucent cardigan layered underneath is absolutely smart and surprise. Different lengths and transparencies between the suit and cardigan in same colors artfully bring jumpy tempo and rhythm. To keep it classic, the Fashionista picks this white tee shirt as the bottom of layers.

Her boots, yes, shout out her cool taste loud and clear. This pair knee-high boots is different from many people’s middle-length “Troopa” boots or regular long boots, which increases one more focal point for viewers to look at.

What I like the most is her accessories. They are classy, simple and concisely relative to each other. Gold is the perfect color as a finishing touch of the whole. Not just working in concert with her hair color, gold lightens the solidness of dark parts and injects vitality to such blue weather. The simplicity of the gold necklace and the watch, unlike those sketchy and flashy designs, advances her taste to a classier level.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Gold! Matching classic black and white attires with gold-tone accessories in simple but unique design,you will be the shining star in the rain!”