Remember that bright, patterned shirt with the fringe and sleeves so wide you could fit two arms in them? The one your mother claimed was once “groovy?” It was so god awful that you made her promise she’d never wear it in public? Well, go grab that shirt out of the trash and apologize to your mother because groovy is once again trendy! This includes, but is not limited to bell-bottom pants, tie-dye print, tunics and anything and everything the hippies would wear. Of course, we can expect changes in the way that we wear this style. We no longer need colorful patterns on polyester clothing to be the coolest one at the disco.

This Fashionista adapts the retro look into our 20th century lifestyle. She is wearing a bright patterned tunic with a turquoise and gold long necklace. Her gold gladiator sandals, chain tote and stacked sparkly bracelets give her ’70s look a modern twist. I love the bright colors and different prints on this tunic; both prints and bright colors are great for summer! Recently, the “hippie” look (now called boho) has been growing in popularity. This new boho style is bringing back all of the same clothing worn by the hippies in the ’70s. These looks are perfect for any concerts or festivals you may have planned for this summer! This Fashionista’s entire outfit (from the tunic to the bracelets) can be found at Edie Boutique in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Edie recently opened, so they don’t have an online store just yet!

For some reason, people often get nervous when incorporating different patterns in one outfit or when wearing patterns at all. However, do not be afraid to do this. When done correctly (as we see in the tunic, which has four different patterns), it looks great! Embrace the ’70s style and start to incorporate it into your wardrobe if you haven’t already. It is super easy. Add those different crazy prints, throw in some fringe or make it interesting with tie-dye; make your outfits fun this summer! See what old treasures you can find in your parent’s closets since you never know what you can find! 

What is your STYLE ADIVCE OF THE WEEK? “I have a lot of ’70s style clothing (like this tunic) because I like to be comfortable and the fit of boho style clothing is very spacious. You do not always have to suffer for fashion; you can be comfortable and still look cute.”